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Three Sisters Gardens: Grow More Food With Less Work

Imagine a small garden that produces an above-average harvest, yet needs minimal water, fertilizer, and weeding—and, as a bonus, leaves your soil more fertile at the end of the growing season. Some might call that a dream come true, but what it’s really called is a Three Sisters Garden.

UCSF Places Secret Agrichemical Industry Documents Including Monsanto Papers Online

The University of California, San Francisco Industry Documents Library placed online several collections of agrichemical industry documents on Thursday, including some acquired and donated by U.S. Right to Know, a consumer and public health watchdog group. The documents shine light on the public relations, scientific, legislative and regulatory tactics the industry has used to defend its products and profits.

An Indigenous Corn Makes a Comeback

Inside an antique farmhouse at the Ganondagan State Historic Site just east of Rochester, New York, a stainless steel coffee roaster hums as it parches Iroquois White Corn with heat, increasing its digestibility. Once the process is complete, after about 20 minutes, Iroquois Corn Project volunteers and staff will use a stone grinder to create corn flour they then sell to the public.

5 Very Good Reasons to Drink Licorice Root Tea

We all feel down in the dumps once in awhile and that is part of being human. We experience ups and downs as we make our way through life. But unfortunately, for approximately 15 million adults, they experience more than a few “bad” days. Mood disorders like depression can significantly reduce one’s quality of life. And for those who are suffering, medication is not the only answer.

Jon Entine and Genetic Literacy Project Spin Chemical Industry PR

Jon Entine, executive director of the Genetic Literacy Project, is a central player in Monsanto and the agrichemical industry’s public relations efforts to promote genetically engineered foods and pesticides and discredit critics. Monsanto listed Genetic Literacy Project as a “Tier 2 Industry Partner” in its confidential PR plan to “orchestrate outcry” against the International Agency for Research on Cancer for its glyphosate cancer designation.

Comments Mostly Show Opposition to CAFO Operation

More than 160 people crowded into a little country club on an overcast spring evening, but they weren't there for a round of golf. These people were more concerned with row crop fields and manure pits than fairways and sand traps.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' public meeting Wednesday at the Tipton Country Club addressed public comments and concerns with the proposed Tipton East concentrated animal feeding operation.

Indiana Has a Polluted Reputation. Here's How Bad It Is.

When it comes to the environment, Indiana has a polluted reputation.

Look no further than Hoosiers' dependence on the automobile and the lack of investment in public transit. Or at the coal-fired power plants in southwest Indiana, whose pollution is carried by easterly winds across the rest of the state and beyond.

Delaware Areas Failing in 2018 Air Quality Report

Some Delaware counties which were once passing the American Lung Association's daily and yearly air quality tests have been found recently to be drastically failing, according to the organization's State of the Air 2018 report. 

Glacier Loss Is Accelerating Because of Global Warming

With global warming, we can make predictions and then take measurements to test those predictions. One prediction (a pretty obvious one) is that a warmer world will have less snow and ice. In particular, areas that have year-round ice and snow will start to melt.

Hawaii Seems Poised To Ban Coral-Damaging Sunscreen

Environmental groups and lawmakers gathered Wednesday at the Capitol in support of a bill to ban coral-damaging sunscreens.

Senate Bill 2571 would prohibit the sale of sunscreen with oxybenzone and octinoxate without a prescription. Although coral bleaching is mainly caused by the warming of ocean temperatures and increased ocean acidification, research shows the chemicals can also bleach corals and inhibit the growth of sea life.

Arizona Agency's Actions over Lake Mead Ignite Water Fight

A top official from the Southern Nevada Water Authority is calling on states that rely on the Colorado River to resolve their differences before a growing dispute derails decades of cooperation on the river.

The Upper Basin states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming have accused one of Arizona’s largest purveyors of manipulating the river system to maximize the amount of water Lake Powell releases downstream to Lake Mead.

The Food That Goes Bad in Your Fridge Amounts to Trillions of Gallons of Wasted Water

According to a new report in the journal PLOS One, we Americans wasted just over 25% of our food between 2007 and 2014.

Although we did a decent job of finishing up our nuts and seeds (only 12% wasted) and potatoes (about 16% wasted), we were not as careful with seafood (nearly 35% wasted), whole fruit (almost 33% wasted) and soups (30% wasted).

New Guidance to Help Consumers Make Better Meat Choices

Eating less meat has long been advocated for our health and that of the planet, but the choices we make within that advice can be just as important, according to a new report.

Choosing lamb, for instance, means the animal is almost certain to have been grass-fed and free range, as sheep are not factory farmed in the same way as pigs or chickens. Meat from pasture-fed animals also tends to have higher levels of “good” fats, which are healthier.

Stella McCartney: 'Only 1% of Clothing Is Recycled. What Are We Doing?'

Stella McCartney is a designer, a businesswoman and an environmental activist, but of the three, she says, fashion will always come first. “It has to, you see. Because the only way for me to start the conversation I want to start is by making a product that you want to buy and that you are going to spend your hard-earned money on. If the product is rubbish, then there is no conversation to be had. If I don’t have a successful business, then I’m an environmentalist who happens to be Paul McCartney’s daughter, and that is a conversation which lasts about three seconds. No one is going to come back for more of that chat.”

High-Speed Pig Slaughter Will Be Disastrous for Everyone Involved

A new rule in the US would eliminate food inspectors and lift limits on how quickly pigs can be killed. The impact on workers, animals and consumers would be disastrous.

The Trump administration has proposed a radical change in food safety protection. They’re misleadingly calling it the “Modernization of swine slaughter inspection rule”, but what it really does is roll back progress on protecting the public from serious and sometimes fatal diseases such as salmonella.

Schumer Bill Would Deschedule Cannabis Nationwide

In a move with huge potential implications, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the Senate minority leader, said earlier today that he plans to introduce a bill to deschedule cannabis nationwide. More powerful than decriminalization, descheduling cannabis would get the federal government out of the cannabis prohibition business altogether.

Enough Already: Autism Needs to Be Declared a National Health Crisis

The CDC is due to release its latest ADDM surveillance numbers. Will our federal health agencies continue to downplay the numbers’ significance, as they have done each time the data show a rise in ASD prevalence? Or will they finally sound an alarm and make it a top priority to find out what is causing this epidemic in our children?