February Member's Meeting

Thursday, 18 February 2016 - 6:45pm

Our next member's meeting is Thursday, February 18th. This month's topic is "Making decisions about treatment: the example of localized prostate cancer" presented by Dr. Dawn Stacey, University Research Chair in Knowledge Translation to Patients. Dr. Stacey’s research program is focused on advancing the science of knowledge translation to patients.

The overall goal of Dr. Stacey's research program is to advance the science of knowledge translation (KT) for patients through understanding, measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of KT interventions for patients and by evaluating strategies to enhance patient engagement in shared decision making (SDM). Specific objectives for the research program are as follows:
a) Develop and evaluate KT interventions in English and French designed to improve the quality of health decisions and measure their effect on patient outcomes;
b) Establish best practices to implement and sustain use of KT interventions to support patient involvement in making health decisions;
c) Conduct ongoing updates of systematic reviews to synthesize the evidence on KT interventions (e.g. patient decision aids, decision coaching), and approaches to enhance SDM in practice.

Dr. Dawn Stacey is a Full Professor in the School of Nursing and Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. In 2012, her outstanding and continuous accomplishments in research were recognized when she received a University Research Chair in Knowledge Translation to Patients. Dr. Stacey is Director of the Patient Decision Aids Research Group at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (http://decisionaid.ohri.ca) as well as, a member of the Faculty of Graduate and Post-doctoral Studies at the University of Ottawa, academic appointee at The Ottawa Hospital, and a member of the Nursing Best Practice Research Centre. She won the 2009 Young Researcher Award for the Faculty of Health Sciences and the 2012 Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology/Pfizer award of excellence in nursing research.

Dr. Stacey lectures extensively both nationally and internationally on various aspects of patient decision support, knowledge translation, oncology nursing, and telephone consultation. She is teaching and supervising students in graduate programs in nursing, population health, and clinical epidemiology. Dr. Stacey leads the Cochrane Review of Patient Decision Aids, is a co-investigator on the Cochrane Review of Interventions to Improve the Adoption of Shared Decision Making, and co–chairs the International Patient Decision Aid Standards Collaboration (IPDAS). Her research is conducted in Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Chile.