Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Exercise, The Why and The How - Brenda Hamm and Joe McGurk from the RA Centre - The RA Centre, with the support of PCCN Ottawa, have developed a Cancer Survivor Exercise Program for cancer survivors who want to exercise on a regular basis. Brenda and Joe discussed why exercise is beneficial to the body, why it helps people cope better with cancer treatments and the side effects. The side effects of exercise are beneficial in countering the side effects of cancer treatments such as loss of muscle and bone density. Once a patient's treatment is completed, exercise continues to provide people with the ability to cope with long term treatment effects.

As the person responsible for the LifeFIT program at the RA Centre, Joe has a great deal of practical experience on how to exercise. Brenda and Joe got us involved in doing some exercises. They explained how to join the new program, become more physically active and improve your fitness level.