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Members Meeting, 19 September 2013

Dr. Morrison thanked by Chuck Graham, PCCN Ottawa
Dr. Morrison thanked by Chuck Graham, PCCN Ottawa

Several new people volunteered to help out.

Dr. Tricia Morrison described two studies at The Ottawa Hospital—one on Lymphedema by Dr. Roanne Thomas, and her own on The Experiences of Work During and Following Cancer. Slide decks describing these two studies are available for viewing or download, below.

Roanne Thomas, PhD, is Canada Research Chair in the University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences. Her study will look at the impact of Lymphedema resulting from cancer or cancer treatments. Lymphedema (or edema) refers to chronic swelling, often of an arm or leg, usually lasting more than three months, due to damage of lymph vessels or nodes. Edema can also have an impact that goes beyond its physical symptoms. Her research has found that paid work and leisure activities can be affected. Some participants have had difficulty finding treatment or affording compression garments. Other participants are proud of the ways they have been able to manage their condition and wish to support others. If you want to know more about this study, or to take part, contact Liz Pigott: or 613-562-5800, Ext 4564

Tricia Morrison, PhD, became a Postdoctoral Fellow in the University of Ottawa Faculty of Health Sciences, after 20 years previous experience as an occupational therapist. Dr. Morrison's study will use photographs taken by cancer survivors and audio interviews to describe our experience and feelings about work, not working, and problems getting back to work. For more information about this study, or to take part, contact Dr. Tricia Morrison, (613) 821-0911 or

Members Meeting, 17 October 2013

7:30 Steering committee members Lionel Burns and Eddie Acheson summarized the PCRI conference they recently attended in Los Angeles. Here's their presentation:

21 November Members Meeting

7:30 Frank Macmillan, a prominent Ottawa lawyer, gave a presentation on "Guarding your Family Assets. If you don't have a will the government decides how the estate is distributed."

19 December Get Together

Trillium DIxieland Band
Trillium DIxieland Band

Great evening with Trillium Dixieland Band and comedian Ruvin Geller. Photos

One of our members, Hal Floysvik, played in the Trillium Dixieland Band. They graciously agreed to play Dixieland with some Christmas carols thrown in for good measure.

Our second entertainer is comedian Ruvin Geller. As it says on the back cover of his book, Sit Down Comedy, "A native Montrealer, Ruvin has lived in Ottawa for over 30 years. His goal in life used to be to try and make everyone he talks to laugh, or at least smile. But now, he just pisses a lot of people off." He brought some humour to the party.

Member Meeting 16 January 2014

Rocco visits Ottawa
Rocco visits Ottawa

Three videos capture the first meeting for 2014. PCC CEO Rocco Rossi made the third presentation, after Dan Litten, Martien de Leeuw and Larry Peckford, presented a report from the Huntsville regional meeting.

But first, Frank Townson, of Motorcycle Ride for Dad, presented a plaque to PCCN Ottawa in recognition of our help with the Ottawa Ride last summer. (Videos on Huntsville and Rocco's speech will follow, below.)

Report from Huntsville Conference

Rocco Rossi's presentation

February 20th Member Meeting

Christine MacLean is a tax accountant who specialises in helping people, such as prostate cancer survivors, who have special needs, such as incontinence issues. She allowed us to videotape her talk on filing for disability and medical expenses.

From Christine's LinkedIn profile: Disability Tax Specialist & Medical Tax Specialist with over 20 years of experience assisting the disability and medical community in the recovery of tax benefits and income tax filings. Successful in the recovery of over $50 million to thousands of clients throughout Canada.

Services provided to individuals and families requiring arthritis tax benefits, Back injury tax benefits, Chronic pain & fatigue tax benefits, COPD tax benefits, degenerative disk disease tax benefits, emphysema tax benefits, fibromyalgia tax benefits, neuropathy tax benefits, osteoporosis tax benefits, paraplegia tax benefits and many others.

Specialized knowledge helping individuals with disabilities, their families and caregivers receive all of the tax credits they are entitled and to maximize their refunds from the Canada Revenue Agency. Income tax preparation and in-depth review for all past and current years to ensure future benefits can be maintained

Member Meeting 24 April Video Available

This month's meeting is rescheduled to 24 April to accommodate Holy Thursday activities at St Thomas Church.

On the 24th, Lisa Sullivan, Executive Director of Hospice Care Ottawa will describe their services, and some of the decisions to be made concerning hospice care. Hospice Ottawa is a community-based organization charitable organization that provides end-of-life care “in a supportive and peaceful setting, surrounded by caring that reflects as closely as possible a comfortable home environment.”

We'll also be presenting the Dried Prostate award at this meeting.


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