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The Walnut - February, 2015

Cracking Open This Walnut

Zowie! We’re under new management! The biggest change will be in how we’re going to help the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient. (Details on page 2.)

Meanwhile, our illustrious new leaders (see banner on page 2) seek secretarial help (Page 4).

And finally, to learn the secrets of regularly winning small amounts in the lottery, )Visit page 13.)

Video available from February Members Meeting

Dr. Jim Dimitroulakos

Jim Dimitroulakos, Senior Scientist, Cancer Therapeutics Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, described his team's work. Scroll down for a video of his talk.

Talk summary as provided by Dr. Dimitroulakos:

Writing on the Wall

It’s about as inevitable as tomorrow
and as certain as another rising sun
those computer-commanded robotics
are poking out prostates one by one
which means the ultimate extinction
one day of the old human-hand way
writing on the wall, the time will come
when Da Vinci’s the only way it’s done
the camera lens joining surgeon’s eyes
pelvic bed a star on a monitor screen
leaving you high and dry and obsolete
surgery without a glamorous machine
just an old-fashioned specimen sporting
your flat wide long and jagged belly scar
a crooked path to show a long ago scene
a bygone retropubic prostatectomy routine.

Dr. Rodney Breau - Robotic surgery and quality improvement programs.

Dr. Rodney Breau provided a comprehensive update on The Ottawa Hospital’s robotic surgery and quality improvement programs. Dr. Breau, who first presented to us just days before the first robotic operation at TOH three years ago, is a Surgical Oncologist and Assistant Professor of Urology at The University of Ottawa. He is also an Associate Scientist in Epidemiology at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and holds the Department of Surgery Chair in Urologic Oncology.


The Walnut - January, 2015

Welcome to 2015! Here’s to you and yours for a happy and healthy new year!

Oncologist Dr. Shawn Malone at November 20th PCCN Ottawa Meeting

Dr. Malone also came to our Christmas gathering.

Dr. Shawn Malone discussed new and emerging treatment options for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).


The Walnut - December, 2014

Ho-Ho-Hold on! You’re going to want to examine our new layout. If you’re reading The Walnut for the first time, you’re in for a prostate cancerous treat. We may have all had it, but we certainly haven’t had it! Come to our Christmas party on Dec. 18 to find out why.

And if you’re a veteran reader, well then you already know what we’re all about, don’t you? We’re a fun bunch, aren’t we?

You, too, are invited to the Dec. 18 bash. But the big question at the party will be, “Will we have chocolate macaroons?

December Gathering

One of our members, Hal Floysvik, plays in the Trillium Dixieland Band. They graciously agreed to play Dixieland with some Christmas carols thrown in for good measure.


The Walnut - November, 2014

Timing in life is everything, we’re told.

It’s MOvember, the ideal time for a Canadian Task Force’s stunning announcement about PSA tests to bring prostate cancer to the forefront of the news.

Hence, this issue’s focus is on that announcement and the reactions from a Globe and Mail columnist, Prostate Cancer Canada, and our own PCCN Ottawa co-chairs.


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