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The Walnut - December, 2014

Ho-Ho-Hold on! You’re going to want to examine our new layout. If you’re reading The Walnut for the first time, you’re in for a prostate cancerous treat. We may have all had it, but we certainly haven’t had it! Come to our Christmas party on Dec. 18 to find out why.

And if you’re a veteran reader, well then you already know what we’re all about, don’t you? We’re a fun bunch, aren’t we?

You, too, are invited to the Dec. 18 bash. But the big question at the party will be, “Will we have chocolate macaroons?

December Gathering

One of our members, Hal Floysvik, plays in the Trillium Dixieland Band. They graciously agreed to play Dixieland with some Christmas carols thrown in for good measure.


The Walnut - November, 2014

Timing in life is everything, we’re told.

It’s MOvember, the ideal time for a Canadian Task Force’s stunning announcement about PSA tests to bring prostate cancer to the forefront of the news.

Hence, this issue’s focus is on that announcement and the reactions from a Globe and Mail columnist, Prostate Cancer Canada, and our own PCCN Ottawa co-chairs.


The Walnut - October, 2014

Replacing Arland Benn – Not so easy!

Our wonderful Walnut volunteer, Arland Benn, has chosen to step down from his role preparing the Walnut for mailing. We need a replacement – sooner than soon!

Here’s a summary of the role:

  • Buy stamped envelopes once a month.
  • Obtain address labels from Hal Floysvik
  • Attach labels to envelopes and put on the PCCN return address
  • Meet with Any Proulx and his wife at St. Stephen’s Andy will have copies of the Walnut to put in envelopes
  • Stuff and seal the envelopes, which Andy will mail.

Please contact
John Arnold at or
Bill Dolan at b.dolan@ Or phone
(613) 828-0762


The Walnut - September, 2014

Summer’s been great.
We’ve had such a time.
We’ve read and relaxed
But my hamstring’s not fine.

Still, we forge on
As physio fixes
The back of my front
Where that muscle affixes.

But here’s some new stuff
Our reporters have found
‘Bout prostates and cancers,
The news just abounds.

Video of PCRI Reports from October Meeting

PCCN Ottawa members Dan Faber and Gerry Gilbert who attended this year's Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) conference reported on the workshops and presentations they sat in on. This a premiere prostate cancer conference in North America. The top doctors present the very latest in prostate cancer research and treatments.

Michelle Faber also made a short presentation for partners who also live through the journey.

PCC/CCSN webinar - Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater: The Benefits Of PSA Testing


The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network and Prostate Cancer Canada are pleased to present a special webinar "Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater: The Benefits Of PSA Testing."
Join us on Thursday, November 6th at 10:00 AM ET for a webinar on a very timely and controversial subject: the benefits of PSA testing.
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Loblaw
Date: Thursday November 6, 2014
Time: 10am EST

Mélina Ladouceur, MSW, RSW, Cancer Coach

Mélina Ladouceur, MSW, RSW

Melina is the Lead Cancer Coach at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Maplesoft Centre. She is a registered social worker with a passion for health and wellness and a background in health system navigation. She has received additional training in health coaching through Health Change Australia and the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches.


The Walnut - June, 2014

What a front page!

What an issue! Probably
the best we’ve seen in
an entire month.


The Walnut - May, 2014

This just in. Our editorial board – yes, him - has decided to continue NOT to sell The Walnut wherever walnuts are sold. The announcement has made shares in this terrific publication jump 0.00465 points on the TSE. And why not?

This issue, like its predecessors, has a little something for everyone. Read on.


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