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Member Meeting 24 April Video Available

This month's meeting is rescheduled to 24 April to accommodate Holy Thursday activities at St Thomas Church.

On the 24th, Lisa Sullivan, Executive Director of Hospice Care Ottawa will describe their services, and some of the decisions to be made concerning hospice care. Hospice Ottawa is a community-based organization charitable organization that provides end-of-life care “in a supportive and peaceful setting, surrounded by caring that reflects as closely as possible a comfortable home environment.”

Member Meeting - 20 March 2014

Speakers came from Hidden Harvest Ottawa, and LiquidGym.

Karen Hidalgo and Sherry Carson of LiquidGym talked about the unique and positive results from water-based training. Slides from their presentation are available, below.


The Walnut - March, 2014

Variety, we hear, is the spice of life.

This explains why our March issue has something for everyone who has prostate cancer, had prostate cancer or ever thought of prostate cancer.

Plus, just letting you know that the book, “Understanding Women” is now out in paperback. See photo page 6.

Rare Bird

When you’re down and out, exhausted
by the cancer treatment circuit, sometimes
you need someone on the other side
who is merciless. A health care professional
who goes at you with no-holds-barred, who

lights into you with such razor-sharp jabs
they leave you laughing. Boot to the backside
to jolt you from whimpering over your woes.
Gets you chuckling in spite of yourself.
Rare bird, short on the soft coos, all for
the squawks that get you squawking back.

So to Lisa for her irrepressible scoldings
for days begun with the bite of her banter
(when are you going to figure out whether
your bladder’s ready for your appointment?)
these preposterous words of true gratitude.


The Walnut - February, 2014

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we lovingly bring you this issue featuring Rocco Rossi’s five-hole.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a cancerous (or excised) prostate with a copy of The Walnut tucked in among the roses.

Thoughtful, no?

February 20th Member Meeting

Christine MacLean is a tax accountant who specialises in helping people, such as prostate cancer survivors, who have special needs, such as incontinence issues. She allowed us to videotape her talk on filing for disability and medical expenses.

Extra Stop

And yes, Santa Claus did arrive last year
reindeers through the cold December sky

extra stop, not for toys but for a special toy
the da Vinci robotic surgical system, a robot

waiting for the surgeon’s joystick commands
to remove the prostate with amazing precision

cameras and mechanical arms doing the task
while a grateful Ottawa businessman and wife

two true versions of Santa Claus, drop off a
cool million dollars to keep the robot going

so men with prostate cancer may have a gift
may find a way out from their enclosing walls

not just upon the cold month of last December
but in the march of months and years to come.


The Walnut - January, 2014


Potpourri. A miscellaneous collection of things.

Walnut Potpourri. A miscellaneous collection of recent happenings for which there is no definitive theme or common denominator but which may provide amusement, entertainment, enlightenment, knowledge, or awareness, all dependent on the reader’s perspective and the editor’s mood at any given moment.

January 2014 Walnut Potpourri. Some of the above.

Happy New Year!

Member Meeting 16 January 2014

Rocco visits Ottawa

Three videos capture the first meeting for 2014. PCC CEO Rocco Rossi made the third presentation, after Dan Litten, Martien de Leeuw and Larry Peckford, presented a report from the Huntsville regional meeting.

But first, Frank Townson, of Motorcycle Ride for Dad, presented a plaque to PCCN Ottawa in recognition of our help with the Ottawa Ride last summer. (Videos on Huntsville and Rocco's speech will follow, below.)


My doctor and I
disagree on numbers.

He sticks to the glue
of statistics.

Thousands of men
tossed on a heap.

Where do I belong
in that clogged scrum?

Each man is a different war.
I stubbornly stick

to the value of one.


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