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The Walnut - January, 2014


Potpourri. A miscellaneous collection of things.

Walnut Potpourri. A miscellaneous collection of recent happenings for which there is no definitive theme or common denominator but which may provide amusement, entertainment, enlightenment, knowledge, or awareness, all dependent on the reader’s perspective and the editor’s mood at any given moment.

January 2014 Walnut Potpourri. Some of the above.

Happy New Year!

Member Meeting 16 January 2014

Rocco visits Ottawa

Three videos capture the first meeting for 2014. PCC CEO Rocco Rossi made the third presentation, after Dan Litten, Martien de Leeuw and Larry Peckford, presented a report from the Huntsville regional meeting.

But first, Frank Townson, of Motorcycle Ride for Dad, presented a plaque to PCCN Ottawa in recognition of our help with the Ottawa Ride last summer. (Videos on Huntsville and Rocco's speech will follow, below.)


My doctor and I
disagree on numbers.

He sticks to the glue
of statistics.

Thousands of men
tossed on a heap.

Where do I belong
in that clogged scrum?

Each man is a different war.
I stubbornly stick

to the value of one.


The Walnut - December, 2013

“Yule” really love this month’s meeting. Aside from the usual holiday season’s boundless frivolity and imbibing, we’ve invited comic Ruvin Geller to raise some yuks at the December meeting.

Plus, member Hal Floysvik and his Trillium Dixieland Band will perform, we suspect, seasonal Dixieland music.

Please stop reading this issue and come out to the festivities instead. As for The Walnut, yes, we have stuff in it.

19 December Get Together

Trillium DIxieland Band

Great evening with Trillium Dixieland Band and comedian Ruvin Geller. Photos

One of our members, Hal Floysvik, played in the Trillium Dixieland Band. They graciously agreed to play Dixieland with some Christmas carols thrown in for good measure.

Register now for CCSN's Advocacy Toolkit webinar on November 12, 2013!


Don't miss this opportunity to attend CCSN's Advocacy Toolkit webinar! This informative, free webinar will be of interest to patients, survivors, family, friends, caregivers, and any member of the community interested in ensuring the best possible care and follow-up for cancer patients and survivors.

Webinar attendees will:

Better appreciate the importance of utilizing key advocacy tools to effect change.
Be taken through the practical development and implementation of some of those key tools, including advocacy packages, petitions, postcards and collective letters.
Understand the practical steps to hosting a “Day at the Legislature”, one of the most impactful advocacy tools an organization can utilize.


struck like some
ancient bell

what he says
rings true

each man who
fails a treatment

call him
a warrior


The Walnut - November, 2013

This is Stache month. It used to be MOvember. No matter. The idea is the same.

Grow something on your upper lip and tell people you’re looking better all because of prostate cancer. They won’t believe you. The looking better part, we mean.

For those already sporting facial fuzz, we thank you for your permanent support of the cause. No matter what it makes you look like.

Wheels of Hope

Wheels of Hope

Until November 9th only: Along with raising funds for research for all cancers, the Canadian Cancer Society provides transportation and support for those living with cancer. Our Wheels of Hope campaign raises funds to ensure that this program continues to support those in need. It is especially vital for people without vehicles or a license, with no local family or friends to help, nor the financial means to make the often daily trips to their appointments.

In order to continue offering this invaluable service to the Ottawa community, we need your help!

21 November Members Meeting

7:30 Frank Macmillan, a prominent Ottawa lawyer, gave a presentation on "Guarding your Family Assets. If you don't have a will the government decides how the estate is distributed."


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