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Look Both Ways

Sometimes, navigating through all the ways
they hurry in to fix us—the cuts, the burns
the radical prostectomy surgery and radiation
the needles, the pills, the pilots and the PSAs

I sometimes close my eyes and dream a time
when medicine has moved far from where it
is stuck now, when someone has what I have
but gets treated in a way I wouldn’t recognize

and I ask myself if that patient will ever pause
to look back (as I have paused to look ahead)
to maybe feel sad at the way we were treated
or amazed at how we sang in such a darkness.


The Walnut - October, 2013

No hanging chads interfered with the September elections. The results are on page 3. We’ve kept the vote count confidential though.

As for the rest of the issue, we go from lymphedema to more on PSA testing and conclude with some fine lessons on stress management. As always, something for everyone.

Expense Report Forms

Download either the Excel spreadsheet or the printable form (below) to use to submit PCCN Ottawa expenses.

To use the Excel spreadsheet, you must first save it with your project name before starting to fill it in. It will total your expenses automatically. You can print a copy before sending it in.

To use the printable form, download it, print it, and fill it in by hand. You'll have to do your own addition! :-)

Remember to attach receipts.

End of Omega

It once held a position of highest esteem
as the alpha and omega of supplements.

Thrown at you as omegas three, six, nine
until the six and nine got slightly tarnished.

Now it’s down with omega three, last star
still shining in the heart-supporting trinity.

Kicked in the pants for its encouragement
of prostate cancer. Take it and it looks like

you both win and lose and who can predict
what gets fingered as the next huge threat

to your health? Will they ever be finished?
Get prostate cancer fighters right for once?

Come clean and confess there may be none?
Declare every single supplement a misuse?

Meanwhile till their guns blaze again, back
you go to curcumin and pomegranate juice.


The Walnut - September, 2013

The big news, aside from it being Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, is it’s also election time.

The campaigns are done, the politicking and verbal sparring, too. Come out to the association’s elections on Sept. 19 and vote.

Even vote more than once. We won’t tell.

Members Meeting, 17 October 2013

7:30 Steering committee members Lionel Burns and Eddie Acheson summarized the PCRI conference they recently attended in Los Angeles. Here's their presentation:

Members Meeting, 19 September 2013

Dr. Morrison thanked by Chuck Graham, PCCN Ottawa

Several new people volunteered to help out.

Dr. Tricia Morrison described two studies at The Ottawa Hospital—one on Lymphedema by Dr. Roanne Thomas, and her own on The Experiences of Work During and Following Cancer. Slide decks describing these two studies are available for viewing or download, below.

Member Meeting, 15 August 2013

Informal gathering to get to know each other, talk about our experiences.

Questions to ask your Doctor

The following is a partial list of questions (suggested by PCCN Toronto) that you might want to ask your doctor. Some of them may not apply to your situation and there may be others that you want to ask. Take your list to your appointment and if possible, take someone with you or record the consultation.


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