Message from the Chair - PCCNO

This month’s general meeting is going to be a special one as the PCCNO Board will present its Strategic Plan for the future of the organization.

The November 15 meeting starts at 6:30PM with a meet n’ greet and an opportunity to chat and catch up with other members. The presentation will begin around 7:30PM or thereabouts.

As a preview, the following is a special message from the board chair, Larry Peckford. We encourage you to click on the link to the set of charts that presents the high-level view of our plan.

Year 2018-2019

Our regular general meetings have resumed for the fall/winter at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. We have seen a number of new men and partners attending. We realize those of you who do not regularly attend these meetings follow us by way of our regular email updates and the news and information contained in our Walnut newsletter. Likewise, we hear from you through our annual campaign which solicits financial contributions that assists PCCNO in its ongoing work. We are most grateful for your support.

As in the past these generous contributions from individuals and community organizations make it possible for us to support local medical initiatives. I am pleased to report that the Board of Directors recently approved a contribution of $50,000 to the Ottawa Hospital that goes directly to support prostate cancer research and investment in equipment that is used for prostate cancer treatment. Watch for more details.

Strategic Plan

An initiative that I consider of critical importance is our undertaking to create a strategic plan for our organization. Using external expertise we can now share with you the outline of the plan, which has been approved by the Board of Directors.  Jenny Mitchell, a professional who works with organizations in the not-for-profit sector, sought information from many sources in order to arrive a plan that can guide the organization in the years ahead.

Your Board cannot be more clear in stating that operating in a less planned and structured fashion is no longer sustainable for PCCNO. At present, the organization is at risk of not having the capacity to continue when there is a reliance only on Board members or others who in time will move on. Over reliance on key individuals without a succession plan to replace them is dangerous. Current and future activities need better planning and follow through. We need new people to be ready to assume the important roles and that includes assistance from others outside the Board of Directors. PCCNO is totally volunteer operated.

At our next meeting on November 15, we want to discuss how we propose to remedy matters that, with increased participation, will make our organization more responsive and ready to move ahead in the years to come. We know our work is valuable to individuals and the community. We hear it all the time. Please review these six Charts (click HERE) to see our new Strategic Plan structure.We look forward to your participation in this most important exercise.

If you have not attended a regular in-person meeting in some time we encourage you to attend. If that is not possible, you can contact by us by email to can arrange an in-person call. We want to ensure our work continues to serve our members.

Larry Peckford

We thank you for your continued support!



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