The Walnut, Spring 2018


The Walnut, Spring 2018

In this issue, we provide an overview of the wide variety of diagnostic tests and procedures in use today, as well as some expert opinions and analysis on the efficacy of the options available. We also examine how to deal with the personal aspects of a prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Summer 2018: Know your options

In this issue, we will explore treatment and monitoring options. After a cancer diagnosis, patients and their families have to make a number of decisions about cancer treatment. These decisions are often complicated by feelings of anxiety, unfamiliar medical terminology, statistics, and a sense of urgency. Decisions about treatment are personal, and you need to feel comfortable with your choices. However, many people don’t know where to start. Here are some simple, but important, steps you can take as you start the decision-making process. We examine ways to best understand the risks and benefits of each option.

Autumn 2018: Quality of life:

Prostate cancer survivors and their families In this issue, we describe the issues that can affect quality of life for survivors of prostate cancer. We explore how patients and family/caregivers can identify and assist in the management of physical and psychological side effects or complications of prostate cancer treatment. We identify opportunities for interventions that can improve quality of life for survivors of prostate cancer and their family/caregivers.