The Walnut Laureate

Walnut Laureate Glenn KletkeGlenn Kletke lives in Kanata, Ontario. He is the official Walnut Laureate and wears a walnut tuque to prove it! He is walking that blurred road called Prostate Cancer. His writings reflect the events and places he has encountered on that journey. They are for everyone but especially anyone sharing the same road.


  1. Journey
  2. PSA Level
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Surgery
  5. Radiation
  6. Medics
  7. Strategies
  8. Cheers



Listen up, it’s only cancer.
Not something to get upset about.
Not a broom to sweep you off
your feet. It moves slowly.
You could say it almost drifts
like an iceberg. Mostly submerged.
Rides currents that you will never see.
Cheer up, it’s not going to swallow you
today. It’s a big project. Takes time.
Meanwhile splash in the shallows.
Stroll at sundown on golden sand.
Get yourself a beer from the fridge.
Some things are certain in this world.
That bottle. Ice-cold in your hand.

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