End of Omega

It once held a position of highest esteem
as the alpha and omega of supplements.

Thrown at you as omegas three, six, nine
until the six and nine got slightly tarnished.

Now it’s down with omega three, last star
still shining in the heart-supporting trinity.

Kicked in the pants for its encouragement
of prostate cancer. Take it and it looks like

you both win and lose and who can predict
what gets fingered as the next huge threat

to your health? Will they ever be finished?
Get prostate cancer fighters right for once?

Come clean and confess there may be none?
Declare every single supplement a misuse?

Meanwhile till their guns blaze again, back
you go to curcumin and pomegranate juice.


Exercise experts have leapt into our meeting
getting our attention by getting us TO attention
up on our feet as if we were rising to sing a hymn
in some musty basement of an old church
which, I suppose, is exactly what we’re doing
a hymn to our future health, hold onto your hats
you sinister cells bent on some future mayhem
we’re going to push you just like you’re pushing us
improve our posture, stand up tall and straight
take our rightful place in the world again and learn
like a child leaning over newly-baked cinnamon buns
to breathe deeply, breathe deeply, breathe again.

Salvation Food

From the page of an old notebook leaps
a list you once thought would save you
a small army of eatery, magical soldiers
engaging the great enemy called Cancer

and, if not defeating it, bravely blocking
its progress, never surrendering the siege
there they are—garlic at the top, barking
out orders, a great general for the troops

then broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy
onions, leeks, shallots, chives, green teas
ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and soy milk
some of these outrageous when combined

sardines afloat in purple pomegranate juice
finished off with a chunk of dark chocolate
this strange regiment so faithfully followed
but still failing to stall the surgeon’s scalpel

lauded foods that let you down, how you lost
touch with them, grew ragged in your loyalty
watched them vanish, veterans of a lost war
last of the flaxseed like sawdust on your toast.

Your Tax Dollar

Just the other day I entered the magical world
of Viagra and Cialis. I mean I had an inkling.
Those grinning guys on discreet television ads.
Those relentless emails that kept showing up
offering deals to buy the pills by the truckload.
But my usage will be on a more modest level.
Done with the medical intention of attempting
to get the motors to fire up again, a program
with the fancy name of erectile rehabilitation.
Which the government misreads and interprets
as a ticket to a licentious and perpetual orgy.
Something they must morally and righteously
refuse to fund, for financing such human lust is
totally unjustifiable to voters. Just can't be done.
Imagine your tax dollars squandered like this!
Wasted on old coots and their public-paid fun!

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