The Walnut is the official newsletter for PCCN Ottawa, currently published approximately 4 times a year. In it you will find recaps of our latest meetings and events that PCCNO participated in, annoucements about upcoming meetings and events, health and nutrition news, survivor stories, details on new and innovative prostate and recurrent cancer treatment, research and diagnostics as well as photos, funny moments, and anything else that we can come up with !

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The Walnut, Autumn 2016

Prostate cancer and its treatment can affect your sex life in three ways - your mind, body and relationships. In this issue, we describe the kinds of treatment and support that is available, and ways for you to work through any problems.


The Walnut - April, 2015

Things to ponder as spring springs:

He who laughs last thinks slowest.

It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats.

And, the things that come to those who wait may be the things left by those who got there first.


The Walnut - March, 2015

Want to know about our new fearless leaders? See The Back Page.

Want to know why men should hold onto their hair? See page 3.

Want to know why the hardest part of doing nothing is knowing when you’re through?

So do we.


The Walnut - February, 2015

Cracking Open This Walnut

Zowie! We’re under new management! The biggest change will be in how we’re going to help the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient. (Details on page 2.)

Meanwhile, our illustrious new leaders (see banner on page 2) seek secretarial help (Page 4).

And finally, to learn the secrets of regularly winning small amounts in the lottery, )Visit page 13.)


The Walnut - January, 2015

Welcome to 2015! Here’s to you and yours for a happy and healthy new year!


The Walnut - December, 2014

Ho-Ho-Hold on! You’re going to want to examine our new layout. If you’re reading The Walnut for the first time, you’re in for a prostate cancerous treat. We may have all had it, but we certainly haven’t had it! Come to our Christmas party on Dec. 18 to find out why.

And if you’re a veteran reader, well then you already know what we’re all about, don’t you? We’re a fun bunch, aren’t we?

You, too, are invited to the Dec. 18 bash. But the big question at the party will be, “Will we have chocolate macaroons?


The Walnut - November, 2014

Timing in life is everything, we’re told.

It’s MOvember, the ideal time for a Canadian Task Force’s stunning announcement about PSA tests to bring prostate cancer to the forefront of the news.

Hence, this issue’s focus is on that announcement and the reactions from a Globe and Mail columnist, Prostate Cancer Canada, and our own PCCN Ottawa co-chairs.


The Walnut - October, 2014

Replacing Arland Benn – Not so easy!

Our wonderful Walnut volunteer, Arland Benn, has chosen to step down from his role preparing the Walnut for mailing. We need a replacement – sooner than soon!

Here’s a summary of the role:

  • Buy stamped envelopes once a month.
  • Obtain address labels from Hal Floysvik
  • Attach labels to envelopes and put on the PCCN return address
  • Meet with Any Proulx and his wife at St. Stephen’s Andy will have copies of the Walnut to put in envelopes
  • Stuff and seal the envelopes, which Andy will mail.

Please contact
John Arnold at or
Bill Dolan at b.dolan@ Or phone
(613) 828-0762


The Walnut - September, 2014

Summer’s been great.
We’ve had such a time.
We’ve read and relaxed
But my hamstring’s not fine.

Still, we forge on
As physio fixes
The back of my front
Where that muscle affixes.

But here’s some new stuff
Our reporters have found
‘Bout prostates and cancers,
The news just abounds.


The Walnut - June, 2014

What a front page!

What an issue! Probably
the best we’ve seen in
an entire month.


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