The Walnut is the monthly/bi-monthly newsletter for PCCN Ottawa. In it you will find recaps of our latest meetings and events that PCCNO participated in, annoucements about upcoming meetings and events, health and nutrition news, survivor stories, details on new and innovative prostate and recurrent cancer treatment, research and diagnostics as well as photos, funny moments, and anything else that we can come up with !

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The Walnut - November, 2013

This is Stache month. It used to be MOvember. No matter. The idea is the same.

Grow something on your upper lip and tell people you’re looking better all because of prostate cancer. They won’t believe you. The looking better part, we mean.

For those already sporting facial fuzz, we thank you for your permanent support of the cause. No matter what it makes you look like.


The Walnut - October, 2013

No hanging chads interfered with the September elections. The results are on page 3. We’ve kept the vote count confidential though.

As for the rest of the issue, we go from lymphedema to more on PSA testing and conclude with some fine lessons on stress management. As always, something for everyone.


The Walnut - September, 2013

The big news, aside from it being Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, is it’s also election time.

The campaigns are done, the politicking and verbal sparring, too. Come out to the association’s elections on Sept. 19 and vote.

Even vote more than once. We won’t tell.


The Walnut - July and August, 2013

Summertime and the living is easy...

Please note that this issue is for both July and August.

The Walnut’s editorial stiffs, er, staff are bound by union rules not to do anything constructive for two months. Mind you, some would say this is a consistent theme.

Have a wonderful and restful summer. See you in September! (Wasn’t that a song, too?)


The Walnut - June, 2013

We interrupt regular programming for this special announcement.

Let’s eat! See page 3’s Next Monthly Meeting for details on the upcoming Burger BBQ.

Operators are standing by to take your order…


The Walnut - May, 2013

On May 3, Ludwick Papaurelis lost his long and brave fight with prostate cancer.

We dedicate this issue of The Walnut to a man who gave so much to the PCCN Ottawa community.

PCCN Ottawa Member and Warrior Gerald “Jake” Freill passed away on May 1. We extend our condolences to his family.


The Walnut - April, 2013

The late great Al Jolson crooned about April showers, daffodils and the hope that comes with the spring. An apropos sentiment as we dance out of winter’s darkness.

For those who’d like to hear him, click on (or copy and paste) this link:


The Walnut - March, 2013

We acknowledge that everything in The Walnut, including our page 2 disclaimer, is fascinating reading. Still, we ask you to pay particular attention to the page 6 item about our co-chairs’ Back to Basics movement (though not to be confused with any of Beethoven’s movements).


The Walnut - February, 2013

Food, magical food, wonderful food, marvellous food, fabulous food…(from the musical “Oliver”)

Devour what you read, friends. For in this issue we are careful not to bite off more than we can chew. You’ll find sage advice – free as always – about nutrition plus more about exercise’s role.

Don’t let us catch you on the couch with a bag of chips!


The Walnut - January, 2013

Our beloved readers may have noticed our December issue came out askew.

Some pages were up; some were down. Not unlike days with prostate cancer, come to think of it.

It goes like that in the publishing business from time to time. So we humbly apologize for any dizziness December might have caused, with or without Christmas festivities.

We will do what we can to prevent this from happening again. In the meantime, all the best to our readers for a healthy and happy 2013!


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