The Walnut is the official newsletter for PCCN Ottawa, currently published approximately 4 times a year. In it you will find recaps of our latest meetings and events that PCCNO participated in, annoucements about upcoming meetings and events, health and nutrition news, survivor stories, details on new and innovative prostate and recurrent cancer treatment, research and diagnostics as well as photos, funny moments, and anything else that we can come up with !

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The Walnut - July/August, 2012

We slither into the heat with a potpourri of interesting events of the last few weeks.

Please check page 3 for the date of the August meeting since there is no August issue.

The editorial staff will use the time off to research proper uses of; the semi-colon and - hyphen.

Have a relaxing summer!


The Walnut - June, 2012

Highlights? Well, let’s see. We have Dr. Segal plus some members learning how to do robotic surgery (medical degree optional). A little more fuel on the fire that is the PSA controversy. The Alterna run looms and we need contributions. Something about pizza’s oregano being a cure. And all of this in our usual digestible six-page spread. Special this month: Free. Again.


The Walnut - May, 2012

“May” we suggest you exorcise some demons this month with a little exercise?

What a healthy issue we have for you. Improve your posture and pop some vitamin D. Then skooch. Toss in salvation food from Chef Kletke. Go for a run with Mister Gilchrist.

Presto! Relief.

All for our fabulous discounted price…Enjoy.


The Walnut - April, 2012

This April, we shower you with drugs in all their splendour. Alas, The Walnut is not a drug-free environment. Our issue delves into a little more scientific research than normal as a result of our senior (as in experienced) reporters trolling the halls of virtual academia in search of the most recent developments. Oh, and there’s that internet thing, too.

More poetic license on page 4 from our laureate plus we are able to answer the oft-posed question: what do intelligent people have in common with your home’s plumbing?

All this for only $5.95, with a one-time discount of 100%, valid till May 1. Not transferable. Not negotiable.


The Walnut - March, 2012

Here’s how we at PCCN Ottawa “March” to the beat of our own drummer.

First we tap out the highlights of naturopathic medicine from the February meeting. Then we parade with Ted Johnston’s companions, pace out Fred Hostetter’s home run trot, and stride (swim?) through urine-based testing. And what’s all this about size not being important? Strut to page 5 to discover that, in fact, it is. If you’re a prostate gland. Plus other great features to keep those toes a-wigglin’.

Again, free, which is cheap, but we are not easy.


The Walnut - February, 2012

We open February with the annual Dried Prostate Award and close the issue with a wee bit of medical jargon about sequencing of therapies in advanced prostate cancer. A medical dictionary is not provided.

In between, you’ll find our Steering Committee staring you in the face, our Poet Laureate going all “organ-ic” on you, diets restricting you, and lasers zapping you. Then we address Marshall McLuhan’s point: is the medium the message?

All this for free.


The Walnut - January, 2012

1 – Of Best Times, Biopsies, and Beirut Phone Booths
2 – My Ongoing Struggle
3 – The Upside of Watchful Waiting
4 – How (Not) to Pass Out From a Biopsy
5 – New National Proactive Surveillance Network Close to “Going Live” &
Imaging Agent has an Appetite for Dangerous Prostate Tumors
6 – Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! - (Very Successful!) Truffle Project Report


The Walnut - December, 2011

Page 1 – Golf and Therapy Eased the Anxiety
Page 2 – Masthead / Catheters and The Trots
Page 3 – DVD Review / December Meeting, Social
Page 4 – Hospital Roomies / Walnut Laureate
Page 5 – A Wife's Story / A Price to be Paid
Page 6 – The Shadow of the Disease / In Memoriam / November Notes

Our December issue belongs to survivors and their wives. We asked for personal stories and courageous folks have stepped forward to share theirs. Read about these experiences, from drug addict hospital roommates to bowel problems to asking what happened to intimacy.

Plus, we introduce a new monthly feature: The Walnut Laureate. Check out prostate cancer poetry on page 4 from our newly anointed resident laureate, Glenn Kletke.


The Walnut - November, 2011

Page 1 – Robotic surgery
Page 2 – Steering committee summary
Page 3 – Robotic surgery (cont’d)
Page 4 – Men are ill-informed
Page 5 – Halifax: Search for meaning
Page 6 – Hear Ye page


The Walnut - October, 2011

Page 1 – Educating doctors
Page 2 – Steering committee summary
Page 3 – Educating doctors (cont’d)
Page 4 – Examining patients’ decisions
Page 5 – Yes, there are side effects
Page 6 – Hear Ye page


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