The Walnut is the monthly/bi-monthly newsletter for PCCN Ottawa. In it you will find recaps of our latest meetings and events that PCCNO participated in, annoucements about upcoming meetings and events, health and nutrition news, survivor stories, details on new and innovative prostate and recurrent cancer treatment, research and diagnostics as well as photos, funny moments, and anything else that we can come up with !

The Walnut is available here as a downloadable PDF file, if you or someone you know would like to have a paper copy delivered to their home please send a request to or, call and leave us a message at 613-828-0762

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The Walnut - May, 2010

Page 1 – How not to leak
Page 2 – Association business
Page 3 – Let’s talk Kegels
Page 4 – New targeted therapy
Page 5 – Out running with the Gurus
Page 6 – Here Ye page


The Walnut, April 2010

Page 1 – Ctrl S(Alt) Delete
Page 2 – Association business
Page 3 – PSA trial analysis
Page 4 – More about salt
Page 5 – PCa therapy influences
Page 6 – Here Ye page


The Walnut, March 2010

Page 1 – Treating ED
Page 2 – Association business
Page 3 – Important gene discovery
Page 4 – Pros and cons of screening
Page 5 – Fishing for a cure, PCA breakthrough drug
Page 6 – Here Ye page


The Walnut, February 2010


The Walnut, January 2010



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