Palliative Care in Ottawa

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 - 1:30pm
Palliative Care in Ottawa - Tuesday, 19 January beginning at 1:30PM at the Maplesoft Center on Alta Vista Drive

Following introductions and a chance for those with changes to their condition and/or side effects to bring to update the rest of us, Dan Faber will present a Power Point on Palliative Care in Ottawa. Topics to be covered are: where palliative beds are located, at-home hospice, the 20th International Congress on Palliative Care to be held in Montréal in 2016, Pallium Canada and others. The booklet “Prostate Cancer: Information guide and Personal record”, originally published in 2011 but still useful, was also discussed. This booklet was published in 2011 but it is still useful.