Get involved with PCN Ottawa

Prostate Cancer Network Ottawa is 100% volunteer-run.

As a result, we rely on volunteers to help our organization to function.

But getting involved with PCN Ottawa is about more than keeping it operational.

For many of us, contributing is part of survival.

Benefits of volunteering

Ask any of our volunteers, and you will find that many of us learn and find comfort by doing things with other survivors of prostate cancer.

In fact, participating in the community helps sustain our quality of life.

So not only is your help needed—you’ll also find it immensely rewarding.

Who can volunteer?

Absolutely anyone - patients, survivors, spouses, and all other supporters in the fight to end prostate cancer.

Ways to volunteer with PCN Ottawa

We need your help in all kinds of key roles, including:

  • Coordinating our member database
  • Assisting in the publication of The Walnut
  • Overseeing email communication systems
  • Planning regular meetings
  • Planning our bi-annual conference
  • Board of Directors leadership roles including President, Vice President, and Treasurer

You may also wish to get involved with:

  • Collaborative activities with other organizations, such as the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Week events and activities
  • Activities to raise awareness of prostate cancer
  • Assisting in fundraising for prostate cancer research and treatment programs
  • Providing presentations on prostate cancer
  • Manning our display booth at community events

Together, we can make a difference—volunteer today

To learn more or sign up as a volunteer with PCN Ottawa, please contact info@pccnottawa.ca! Simply let us know what you’re interested in helping us with—and include your contact information so we can reach you.

Please note:

Any and all information collected is used for the sole purposes of PCN Ottawa; we do not share any member details with any other organizations.

The Walnut, Winter 2021

The Walnut, Winter 2021

The Walnut is the official newsletter for PCN Ottawa, currently published approximately four times a year.

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Get involved with PCN Ottawa.

Prostate Cancer Canada Network Ottawa is 100% volunteer-run.

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