Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) Online Education Program

The next three online classes will be on March 16th, April 14th, and May 12th, all at 3:00 pm Pacific time. Please feel free to inform prostate cancer patients starting on ADT about these dates.

The ADT Online Educational Program is a free educational resource for prostate cancer patients in Canada who have recently started or are about to start hormone therapy. The program is as much for the partners of patients as it is for the patients themselves. Here is what patients need to know:

Class structure: A single, 1.5-hour interactive, facilitated online class using the GoToMeeting platform. Canadian attendees receive a free copy of the book: “Androgen Deprivation Therapy: An Essential Guide for Prostate Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones, 2nd Ed.
To register: Fill in the brief form on the home page at or send an email

Our data show that the program—i.e., the 1.5 hr class plus the book—can significantly increase patients’ self-efficacy in managing ADT side effects. But it is most helpful if taken early, before most ADT side effects emerge.

Email: or

Phone (direct line and confidential voicemail): 403-476-2458

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