OC Transpo Bus Advertising

OC Transpo Bus Advertising

Prostate Cancer Canada Network Ottawa (PCCNO) will be placing a series of ads on the back of OC Transpo’s bus fleet starting in August and continuing through to October. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month so these ads will be very timely. The ads catchy messages also can be seen on our on our website and were developed by one of our own members, David Cook, in conjunction with OC Transpo’s advertising agent.

We believe this information will have a positive impact by creating awareness within the city on the importance of early detection of prostate cancer and the need for a regular checkup with a family doctor. This campaign is made possible by the generous donations of our many members and community sponsors.

Here are the ads: 

Take Aim
Take Aim ad

This Way
This Way ad

Let’s Finger
Let's finger

OC Transpo Bus Advertising

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