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The Walnut is the official newsletter for PCCN Ottawa, currently published approximately four times a year.

Every issue includes:

  • Recaps of PCCNO meetings and events
  • Announcements about upcoming meetings and events
  • Health and nutrition news
  • Survivor stories
  • Updates on new, innovative prostate and recurrent cancer treatment
  • Research and diagnostics
  • Photos, funny moments…and anything else we can come up with!

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Newest Issue

The Walnut, Winter 2020

Screening and early detection: why are men reluctant?

Screening is the most common method for early detection of prostate cancer. We all know that if you catch cancer early you are more likely to survive.

Yet not all men are proactive in making sure to seek early detection through screening.

In this issue, we explore some of the factors, such as lack of awareness, beliefs and attitudes that can discourage men’s involvement in prostate cancer screening and early detection activities. We also explore the pros and cons of screening and look at some best practices.

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The Walnut, Winter 2020

The Walnut: Recent issues

The Walnut, Autumn 2018 PDF icon

Quality of Life: Cancer Survivors and Their Families
This quarter’s Walnut explores:

  • The issues that can affect quality of life for survivors of prostate cancer
  • How patients and family/caregivers can identify and help manage physical and psychological side effects or complications of prostate cancer treatment
  • Opportunities to improve prostate cancer survivors’ and family/caregivers’ quality of life
The Walnut, Autumn 2018

The Walnut, Summer 2018 PDF icon

Know Your Options
In this issue, we look at:

  • The many prostate cancer treatment options available
  • How to best partner with your health team
  • Using tools to support decision-making
  • Dealing with quality-of-life issues
The Walnut, Summer 2018

The Walnut, Spring 2018 PDF icon

The Art and Science of Diagnosis
In this issue, we provide:

  • An overview of the wide variety of diagnostic tests and procedures in use today
  • Expert opinions and analysis on the efficacy of options available
  • Advice on dealing with the personal aspects of a prostate cancer diagnosis
The Walnut, Spring 2018

The Walnut, Winter 2018 PDF icon

Spotlight on Treatments
This issue discusses:

  • An overview of treatment options—including genetic links to the disease, immunotherapies and other emerging treatments
  • The role of clinical trials in testing new treatment options
  • Personal accounts from a cancer survivor in Ottawa who has participated in a clinical trial, and from an Ottawa oncologist involved in clinical trials
The Walnut, Winter 2018

The Walnut, November 2017 PDF icon

Special Conference Issue
The PCCNO conference, “Prostate Cancer—Discover the Future” was held in ​ Ottawa ​ September 15-16, 2017. This issue provides:

  • Event highlights
  • Links to video clips
  • Recap of speakers and panelists
The Walnut, November 2017

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